Walking the line between the forgotten and painful memories, Dragkari's territory is set in a territory with two sides. With light and dark parts to roam through many who seek to forget painful memories fully have come to love the lighter side of the territory. Those who can't forgotten and walk the line in their minds love the split territory, finding it perfect for how they feel. Those who will not forget have come to love the darker areas our home offers. How will you tread this spectacular mix of light and dark?

As you tread with light foot falls, the bright setting sun's rays seem to vanish behind the trees. The once light and aired forest seems to grow darker and dense the father you tread. A cold chilly breeze moves like a wave over your visage, causing you to narrow your luminaries for a moment. It slides between and over your receptors, traveling down your platform as it fully rolled over your entire mass. As it also seems to wrap around your lower limbs at your wrists and hocks forcing you to slightly extend your claws into the sod below your pads. 

Without knowing, you've crossed into an unknown pack's domain, the packs scent had found its way into your nostrils from the passing breeze. The terrain, in your mind, seems to change below your pads, but the only thing really changing was the texture of the soil as it held more roots and rocks embedded within it. You feel your muscles tighten under your pelt, the strength conflicting to your marrow, a feeling you have never quite felt before, but something you seem to take a liking to. You sense the animals within the canopy watching you, yet the eerie sense remains lodged within your throat. Lightly your maw parts, letting your rouge hued tongue roll over your labrales as you try to fix the loss of speech. Should you turn and change your course or seek out the wolves that have come to reside in such a place?

You keep your cranium low, trying to figure things out in your mind. You haven't turned back, maneuvering forward even more; deeper into this territory. The scent of the pack grows even stronger now, filling your nares with each breath you inhale. The pack's scent holds a faint aroma of blood mixed with the scent of wild flowers. This mixed scent confuses your mind only more, furthering you to try to figure out why a scent would be a mix of blood and flowers. As you think maybe you are in the clear and no one will find you and that you will just have to seek out the wolves here yourself, your auditories perk to the sound of a strong powerful howl. It comes from further within the timberland, the strength and power of the howl makes you wonder, is it a greeting or just a warning howl showing this place is already claimed or maybe a wolf calling to the other members of its pack.

As the howl fills your receptors it touches deep within your bodice, hitting your core like a longing, deep hidden pain, but yet gives you the sense of hope and comfort. You can still make out your heart beat within your chest cavity, as it now races and pounds. The pounding causing your blood to rush in a heated race through your veins, the beats like a drum as you can almost feel it against the temples of your skull. Almost feeling like it was blocking your hearing with how loud it seemed. Could this be from the fear you are feeling or is it maybe hope you feel?

Right when you start to turn your form to look about your surroundings, the shock wave of many pads beating the earth finds its way under your paws. The sound is like a steady beating drum as it seems the wind that moved through the tree tops had died and was now lifeless, everything seeming to fall to silence. Did the breeze that blew before manage to carry your scent right to the pack or did one wolf find it and that was the cause of the howl before? Your tassel tucks under your hindquarters as your auds lay back against your skull. You wish to show you are not a threat to this pack, but you can't even see them yet as you look about once more only to find the stare of an icy gaze looking at you, it comes from the surrounding trees in a taller length blades of grass. As you look closer you can see even more wolves behind this one, but nobody seems to make move towards you as they all keep their distance.

Just as your mind is screaming for you to flee, your limbs don't move, a wolf approaches you. Its head held high above the rest, its glace stern and cold as you note the amethyst mixed hues that had once been looking from the distance. As you look more you find this wolf is a femmora and the regal of the pack, she is asking you why you have entered their territory. Your words come with trouble, as you hold light shock to your form in fear, but you manage to inform this immaculate enchantress questioning you that you were passing through, possibly looking for a pack. With this, the wolf looks to you, her cranium giving a small nod as her jaws parted speaking, giving a choice. What will you choose, join and run with this pack or leave it and the territory with an escort?

So, what will you do? Join us and let your painful past, memories go and fight to stand forever or leave, never looking back at what could have been?

We protect our pack and allies with full strength. Our enemies never seeing the hidden attack that befalls them coming from the shadows we know and blend so well into. For we have become the wolves that live within the shadows and have been long forgotten by those who seek to put us down for we found a hidden strength from that line we walk along. Here we stand strong and true together as a family, aiding those who fall with great pain, sheltering them and helping them with a new found strength. We accept any skill level role players, as we're an intermediate-advanced pack. We do accept beginners who are willing to learn and progress with new found skills and we help them build there skills with helpful items, tips and terms.

Meet The Higher Ranks

Alphess Pika

Creator and Owner of Dragkari.

Pika is one of the wolves who is a direct descendant of the bloodline leading far back into history. She was the second born of her litter. Axel was her elder brother and Willow her younger sister. She leads the pack in a kind, yet stern way, showing that she will protect all her members, but never rule over them as she treats all with respect. She is mated to the pack's Alpha.

Alpha Diesel

Site Admin

Diesel is a descendant of a royal bloodline. He holds great strength and is known to go feral while in a fight. He was used over the years for his strength and his heart was toyed with as an ex mate slept with his best friend in their den. He was so closed off until he found Pika, his true mate. She balances him out and he will do what it takes to protect her and their pack.

Beta Axel

Site Admin

Beta Axel is a direct descendant of the the pack's bloodline. He is the elder brother of Pika and Willow. He was gone for many years, but soon came home after several bad run ins with other packs. The last one really making him miss home, so he left them to find his family once more. He is more then glad to have returned to his homelands.

Betess Emi

Site Admin

Betess Emi comes from another pack. This pack holds history that was tied in with Dragkari's. She was one the only two living pups from her parents litter. Emi chose to leave her life with her pack that was ruled by her sister as she wanted to follow her heart and be with the wolf she fell in love with, Beta Axel. Emi is a strong wolf, but can be rather quiet and closed off due to being hurt many times over.

Welcome Emi and Pez

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