Welcome to Dragkari Wolves question and answer page. Here any one can submit a question to the site to be answered. If you wish to give your name you may, if not that is fine as well. Here at Dragkari we want to be as helpful as possible to everyone and provide answers to questions one may be thinking. This is a nice way to get questions out there with answers because you may not be the only one wondering these things, but it only takes one to ask to reveal the answer to all! So please don't feel shy or ashamed of any question you have, but do note that if it is a more vulgar question why may not post it on our site. We still wish to keep things on a respectable level for all users and visitors.

Question: On my profile, can I use a drawing to represent how my wolf looks?

Answer: We do not care what you use to represent your wolf on your profile. All we ask is that it is not a copyrighted photo that would get the site into trouble. If it is a copyrighted picture we will like you to have proof that you have permission to use said photo.

Question: How do I go about having more then one wolf on the site?

Answer: Here on Dragkari you can have as many wolves as you want to role play. We ask that you have a separate account for each wolf. We do not encourage one account for more then one wolf.

Question: Do I have to inform any one that I role play as more then one wolf?

Answer: No, you do not have to tell any one you role play difference wolves on the site. We are respectful of everyone's choice to role play one wolf or five. If you want to tell someone who you role play, that choice is yours.

Question: What happens if I role play more then one wolf and one of them because less active to almost fully unactive?

Answer: Well all wolves (accounts) on the site will all be treated the same. If an account because less active they will be warned before having their rank demoted. If you can't keep it as active as your other accounts, then in time the account will be removed from the site via following the laws already set forth on the laws page about activity.

Question: What happens if my posts aren't long enough?

Answer: We do encourage everyone to try and keep each post two hundred and fifty words or more in length. If it is below this number the first few times we will let slide, but after we will encourage you try and meet the base goal at least. We want everyone to better their role play as much as possible.

Question: Are wolves allowed to openly mate on this site, like within the forums and within a den site?  (Question has been adjusted to better fit guidelines and respect.)

Answer: No, wolves who are mates are not allowed to openly mate within the forums, not even within a den site. This is also stated in the laws under "Mating." We do not allow such explicit content on the site do to the various age groups that can join to role play.

We will have answer to your question up as soon as possible, please check back on our Q and A page. Thank you for contacting us with your question!
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