~Laws created by site owner, no stealing or reusing without permission~

♥ Fill out the joining forum within a week of joining the site. 
The role play example on the Joining Petition must be on hundred words, minimum. 
If you don't know how long your role play example is, you can use a word counter. 
This count isn't for all characters used. It is for the amount of words you use in your post. 
Do Not plagiarize someone's role play example when filling out your joining petition. If you do, it can result in you redoing the entire thing or having your account terminated. 
For an alliance, fill out the alliance petition withing a week of joining the site. 
Do Not copy someone's profile/Bio, that is a form of plagiarism and is a dishonorable act.  ♥

Respect your Alpha(s) and higher ranking wolves. 
Respect all those that are withing the pack at all times. 
Be respectful when greeting any and all newcomers, if you can not, then hold your tongue. "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all.
Do Not send any disrespectful messages or comments to anyone. "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all. 
Even if a wolf is ranked as an Omega, they are still to be shown some level of respect. 

♥ Remain as active as possible. 
♥ Activity will be checked by both logging in and posting. If you are logging in, then you are capable of making a post. 
Inactivity for more then two and half weeks, without absence form, will result in a rank change. 
If you are new and haven't posted in tole play before two and half weeks is up, your account will be terminated. 
Inactivity for more then five weeks, without an absence form, will result in account termination. 
If you will be inactive for a set period of time, then fill out the absent form on the petitions page! 
When joining, if you can only post so often, state so in your joining petition ahead of time! 

All role play is paragraph role play style. No single sentences. 
All posts within role play must be a minimum of 250 words. This is so everyone learns to add in detail to their posts. 
The count does not mean all characters such as spaces and commas. This count is for the Words used only. 
If you don't know how long your role play post is, use a word counter! 
If you aren't able to post right away leave a message on the forum if the wolves around you can continue on without you. It will be removed after a day. 
Comments about someone's post can be at the top or bottom of your own post within " ( ) " 
♥ Do Not plagiarize anyone's post from another site. If this happens it can result in account termination! 
If you post in an area on the forums, you need to wait for another to post after you before you can post again. Unless it's a long post and did not all fit within the limit of the first post. 
If you are going from one part of the territory to another within the forums, then it's alright to post one right after the other, so long as each post is in a different area and is still a minimum of 250 words for each post. 
Any and all small talk will be kept within " ( ) " on the forums. They will also be deleted over time if not attached to a post. 
Try to keep all small talk to a minimum within the forums. There is pack chat, profile comments and private messages for this very reason. Its to save as much room on the forums as possible! 

No fighting within the pack, unless it's a challenge. 
No fighting any intruders of the territory, unless they attack you first. 
No fighting with ex mates or their new mates because past relationships shouldn't matter and everyone should be mature about things. 
Fights may take place in events if they are required. 

A wolf can make a challenge to someone of the same rank or higher, this does not include Alpha(s) 
Both parties will go to the Alpha(s) when the challenge is called forth. 
The Alpha(s) will take the challengers to a set place for the challenge. 
One Can Not kill the other wolf in a challenge fight. 
The challenge fight will end when one wolf gives up or is knocked out. 
One is allowed to challenge another wolf if they are thinking of asking the same female/male to be their mate. 
♥ The winner, of a challenge dealing with a mate, gets to ask the female/male first. If they are turned down then the other wolf can ask. 

This is a turn by turn based paragraph fighting style. 
Each wolf must do a face off/approaching post before the fighting even starts. 
Most will follow ACE concept. ACE standing for: Attack, Connect and Evade (Moving away.) 
Each wolf can make attacks, connect and evade attacks made from their opponent. 
You Can Not bring in another wolf to aid you in fighting or to fight for you. 
Realistic attributes are required when fighting. Aka what a real wolf can and con not do. 
Understand if you are a small wolf and going against a large wolf you may not win. 
Power play, aka God modding, is never allowed! 
You Can Not attack and kill a wolf within one single post. 
If an attack seems invalid, place ask an Alpha or high ranking wolf for their input on the matter. 
Please have a good reason to attack your opponent. Aka it being a challenge or intruder has attacked you. 
Ganging up on a wolf is allowed in event role play only! This being were it's a required time to fight. 
You can only role play your wolf within a fight. You are not allowed to role play your opponent in any way. 

Loners who come into the territory shall not be harmed. 
Intruders will be taken before the Alpha(s) 
If they attack you, then you are allowed to fight back to defend yourself. 
The Alpha(s) will question intruders on their intent for being within the pack's territory. 
Loners just passing through the territory will be escorted to the pack's boarders. 
Those looking for a pack will be welcomed into the pack. 
Those who have the intent to harm the pack will be met with a fight and/or their death. 
If it's a wolf from another pack seeking alliance/affiliation, then they will be shown respect while they are in pack lands. 

Never go into an enemy pack's territory. 
Only Negotiators are allowed to go into these areas when carrying a message from the Alpha(s) 
Going into an enemy pack's territory will either bring you death or you will become a prisoner. 
Should an enemy wolf come into the territory, besides a messenger, they are to be shown no respect. 
For any enemy intruder wolf, anyone in the pack can drive them from the pack's territory, unless its a messenger. 
Should an enemy wolf attack you as you drive them off, you are allowed to fight back in defense and show them we mean business. 
If a wolf within the pack is found to be a spy for another pack, the Alpha(s) will kill them with no hesitation. 
If a spy or any wolf of an enemy pack is found trying to gather information on the pack, if not chased out of the territory and has been hurt from a fight, they will be classified as a visitor/prisoner and their wounds will be treated until they can travel. This does not mean you can speak and talk with them. 

Everyone has a right to a mate. 
Inform the Alpha(s) of who you wish to becomes mates with in private message only. 
Failure to do so can result in loss of you mate and being unable to mate for six weeks. 
Do Not take a mate from another wolf within the pack. 
If the one you want/lie is already mated, move on. Do Not break any mated pair up because of selfish need/want. 
Take at least three to four weeks to get to know a wolf before asking him/her to be your mate. 
You can ask someone to be your mate within role play, but in a respectful way and no explicit content. 
Within the forums you can build and show you like for another wolf. 
Once mates, you can show affection, but any detail mating is not allowed in the forums. If you do things in private message that is solely on you and your mate if you both wish to do this. 
If you don't wish to mate with someone when asked, be polite in your response to them and not rude or vulgar. 
These is no detailed mating allowed in the forums by anyone. I can not stress this enough! 

Ones mate must be inactive for four weeks before one is allowed to take interest in a new mate. 
If one wishes to leave a mate that is inactive it will have to be after the four week time limit. 
One can not re-mate until two weeks after leaving a mate. 
If ones mate is inactive, that wolf does not have to leave them if they choose not to. 
Ones reason for leaving a mate needs to be a good one. Saying you don't like them anymore will not fly as a valid reason. 
There will be no fighting between ex mates. Fighting within the pack is not allowed; therefore if you can't be nice, ignore them and don't say anything to them. 
If one had pups with their ex mate, do note yo will have to get along with them because of the pups. You chose to have them and will be held responsible for you actions/choices. 

All litters will be born around/during early/mid Spring time frame within role play as much as possible. This of course being after having the approval of the Alpha(s) 
Date will be set when one will have their pups. This is from the time of informing the Alpha(s) and role playing they are expecting pups. 
If plans change about having pups, one can role play losing their litter. If you have a way, but unsure if fitting, check with an Alpha. 
Also something could happen during the pregnancy to cause one to lose their litter. Such as massive fall or injury. 
A pup can also be born as a still born (aka dead) as well. This is good for if there isn't a role player for all expected pups. 
All birth's will try to be kept within the early/mid Spring time frame so pups are older come winter to better survive. 

If you are mated pair, speak to the Alpha(s) if you with to have a littler. 
Failure to get permission first can result in death of the litter upon birth. 
One must also inform the Alpha(s) of exactly how many pups they wish to have. Please keep this to a realistic number of how many pups a wolf can have. 
Those having pups are responsible for finding people to role play them. This is not the job of the Alpha(s) 
You may ask any that are already on the site if they would like to role play one of your pups. 
Any taking up role play of a pup must create a second account, unless they plan on removing their current character from the pack and  change it to the pup. 

Pups found in the territory will automatically be taken into the pack. 
A pup will Not be killed or removed from the territory when found. 
If you wish to take a lone pup in as yours, inform the Alpha(s) of this choice before acting on it. 
If more then one wolf wants the same pup, the Alpha(s) will figure out who will be the ones to take the pup to keep thing fair so there isn't any fighting. 
If you join the site as a pup, then the age of the pup must be to where it has been able to survive on its own for a set period of time on its own. 

11-15 days after birth eyes open. 
20 days after birth hearing begins. 
21 days after birth, first exit the den. 
35 days after birth, weaning. 
8-10 weeks after birth, pups leave the den, returning at rendezvous times. 
11-15 weeks pups live in rendezvous sites with sitters. Always returning to den at night to sleep. 
16-26 week milk teeth are replaced. If near winter, their winter pelt becomes apparent. 
27-32 weeks, pups travel and hunt with the pack. They will be given mentors to teach them for their ranking within the pack. 
♥ 1 year, epiphyseal cartilage closes. Pups will have given ranks within the pack. 
2 years, adult hood. 

At birth pups weigh 1 lb. Females will gain 2.6 lbs per week for 14 weeks. Males will gain 3.3 lbs per week for 14 weeks. 
Two weeks after birth pup will weigh about 3.5 lbs. 
4 weeks old, pups weigh around 5-6 lbs. 
12 weeks, pups weigh anywhere from 22-30 lbs. 
14-27 weeks, pups weight will have increased to between 28-70 lbs. 
3.5 months old pups gain about 1.3 lbs per week. 
7-8 months females gain 0.2 lbs per week. 
7-8 months males gain 0.4 lbs per week. 
1 year, pups weigh between 60-100 lbs. 
2+ years, females weight 75-120 lbs. 
2+ years, males weigh 85-180 lbs. 

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